Threats and Opportunities for Quantum Computing

A quantum computer is a threat to existing information security because it would convert existing hard-to-break encryption to easy to crack computationally. I explain how to build a quantum computer, what the status is for this effort, how the quantum computer gets this power to crack encryption, and what other uses the quantum computer would serve.
Dr. Barry Sanders received his PhD at Imperial College London in 1987. His main research interests are in quantum information science, quantum optics and photonic crystal-based designs of new-generation microwave antennae. Significant recent research achievements include identification of limitations on practical quantum cryptography, theory of optimal remote state preparation, no-go theorems on continuous variable quantum computation, and theory and experimental design for realistic threhold quantum secret sharing. 
Dr Sanders is especially well known for seminal contributions to theories of quantum-limited measurement, highly nonclassical light, practical quantum cryptography and optical implementations of quantum information tasks. His current research interests include quantum resources & algorithms, optical & atomic implementations of quantum information tasks and protocols, quantum processes in biological systems, and machine learning for quantum control.
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